Liste des séminaires du CREER en 2013 :

Titre Conférencier
Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless and Other Applications Prof. Yahia Antar
Microwave Imaging for Biomedical Applications Prof. Joe LoVetri
Microwave and Millimeter Wave Antennas Prof. Yahia Antar
Power amplifiers and Transmitters for Software Defined Radio Systems Prof. Fadhel Ghannouchi
Designing for Power Integrity: Status, Challenges and Opportunities Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan
Microwave Photonics Prof. Jianping Yao
Sum Rules and Physical Bounds in Electromagnetics Prof. Mats Gustafsson
Radio-Frequency Nanoelectronics – Bridging the Gap between Nanotechnology and R.F. Engineering Applications Prof. Luca Pierantoni
QFN-based Packaging Concepts for Millimeter Wave Transceivers Prof. Thomas Zwick
An Introduction to Software Defined Radio for Microwave Engineers Dr. Jeffrey Pawlan
Implantable Wireless Medical Devices and Systems Prof. Jung-Chih Chiao
Toward Sustainable Green Communication Networks Prof. Fadhel Ghannouchi
Computational Electromagnetics in the Frequency Domain and Higher order modeling for Computational Electromagnetics Prof. Roberto D. Graglia
Coupling Matrix Synthesis Techniques for Microwave Filter Circuits Prof. Richard Cameron