Liste des séminaires du CREER en 2015 :

Titre Conférencier
Designing High Efficiency Doherty and Chireix Power Amplifiers Using an Embedding Device Model Prof. Patrick Roblin
THz Radar and its Capabilities for Stand-Off Imaging Prof. Goutam Chattopadhyay
New Frontiers in Terahertz Technology Prof. Mona Jarrahi
Antenna Systems for Satellite Communication Payloads Prof. Sudhakar Rao
Integrated Microwave Sensors in SiGe with Antenna in Package: From Concepts to Solutions Prof. Andreas Stelzer
Microwave Photonics Prof. Jianping Yao
Technology-Based Analysis of Microwave Probe Array Systems for Rapid Near-Field Imagery and Dosimetry Prof. Jean-Charles Bolomey
The Physics of OFDM Dr Earl McCune
Terrestrial broadcast vs. LTE-eMBMS: Competition and cooperation Prof. Marco Breiling